joils naturreine oele

Natural oils

JOILS 100% natural essential oils let the aroma lamp or the diffuser smell! Aromatic oils from nature are used in aromatherapy have a lasting impact on mental and physical health.
All fragrance oils are bottled by us and are 100% natural, free from alcohol and other chemical additives. All of our essential oils are packaged in violet jars, which protect our fine oils from the harmful effects of light and thus significantly increase their durability and effectiveness.
LAVENDEL 10ml - Joils
LEMONGRASS 10ml - Joils
LIMETTE 10ml - Joils
MANDARINE 10ml - Joils
Joils duftoel-melisse-atherisches-oel-naturreines-oel
NELKE 10ml - Joils
NIAOULI 10ml - Joils
ORANGE 10ml - Joils
PATCHOULI 10ml - Joils
PETITGRAIN 10ml - Joils
PFEFFERMINZ 10ml - Joils
ROSENHOLZ 10ml - Joils
ROSMARIN 10ml - Joils
SALBEI 10ml - Joils
Joils duftoel-sandelholz-ätherisches Öl-naturreines Öl
STERNANIS 10ml - Joils
TANGARINE 10ml - Joils
TEEBAUM 10ml - Joils
THYMIAN 10ml - Joils
VETIVER 10ml - Joils
joils weihrauch oel
YLANG YLANG 10ml - Joils
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