Immunsystem & Allergien

Immune system & allergies

Allergies, hay fever and colds can be very uncomfortable and affect our daily lives.

Natural solutions to relieve symptoms are increasingly in demand, especially for those looking for alternatives to conventional medication.

One such alternative is essential oils , which are derived from plants and possess a variety of therapeutic properties.

Room scenting and disinfection with essential oils, for example, prevent infections.

Since colds, flu and the Covid-19 virus are droplet infections, our tip is room scenting. It makes sense to clean the room air and make it virtually "germ-free" in order to reduce the risk of infection.

We recommend our fragrance lamps and diffusers of the latest generation for optimal nebulization of our natural oils diluted with water.

You will also find pure natural oils here that can alleviate symptoms of allergies.

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EUKALYPTUS 10ml - Joils
INGWER 10ml - Joils
LAVENDEL 10ml - Joils
PFEFFERMINZ 10ml - Joils
ROSMARIN 10ml - Joils
TEEBAUM 10ml - Joils
THYMIAN 10ml - Joils
ZITRONE 10ml - Joils
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