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Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

In its original meaning, the word "ethereal" stands for the heavenly. The core of this thought can also be found in today's understanding of the word: ethereal means spiritualized, fleeting. Essential oils are therefore volatile substances .

These substances are the pure essence of high-quality plants from nature. They are mainly produced in the leaves, flowers and shells of plants and stored in the tissue. The essential oils characterize the scent of a plant , thus attracting insects or repelling parasites.

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What essential oils are there?

The first traces of scent come from ancient China, India and Egypt, thousands of years before our era. The high-quality essences are obtained and used for aromatherapy by steam distillation of leaves and flowers or by pressing other plant parts such as the peel.

Well-known essential oils are orange, eucalyptus, lavender, mint and rosemary. In our extensive range of natural oils in the online shop you will also find oils such as neroli, cajeput, ginger and cassia.

As a special feature, we at JOILS have created our wellness blends . These fragrance mixtures of essential oils were inspired by our travels to distant countries and are unique fragrance compositions with their aroma.

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What are the effects of essential oils?

Essential oils work through their scent. They are therefore also referred to as fragrance oils . Aromatherapy is the name of the science that takes advantage of this property of essential oils and has an impact on our health . The various oils have a relaxing, calming, refreshing and invigorating effect, for example. They can be used, for example, to relieve cramps and pain, reduce inflammation and increase your concentration.

The modes of action can be read online in our product descriptions of the individual oils.

The use of essential oils is versatile. They are often diluted with water in aroma lamps or diffusers, vaporized or nebulized and thus absorbed by us through breathing.

The natural oils from JOILS are also used in our sauna infusions , room sprays and body oils .

But it can also be used in diluted form on the skin or in our food when we eat. However, this should be tested in advance with the smallest amounts of the oils for allergic reactions.

How are essential oils stored?

Our high-quality JOILS oils are bottled and sold in Miron glass (violet glass). Violet glass is biophotonic glass packaging for natural products . The unique properties protect the natural oils from the harmful effects of light, increase their durability, protect and revitalize their effectiveness.

The oils are best stored in an airtight container in a dark place.

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What should be considered when buying essential oils?

When you buy essential oils, you should pay attention to the quality . Unfortunately, the term "essential oil" alone says nothing about the nature of the oil. High-quality oils are labeled "naturally pure" . Only those oils that were obtained directly from a mother plant and its respective oil-producing part may be labeled as "naturally pure". The natural proportions and the biochemical composition of the oil are retained. Naturally pure essential oils do not contain any additives and consist of 100% oil from the respective parent plant.

We at JOILS attach great importance to the quality of our oils and therefore only offer 100% natural oils. These are regularly checked and certified in cooperation with our suppliers.

We hope you enjoy our fragrances. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about essential oils.

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