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NEW: Joil's Lavender Pillow Spray

Do you lie in bed at night and toss and turn from left to right? Can't fall asleep thinking about the day? Nature with its natural cosmetics can help with essential oils.

We have developed a sleep well pillow spray to help you leave the stress of everyday life behind and relax. The pleasant scent of lavender with its fine aroma ensures a good feeling when falling asleep at home and on the go and envelops your sleeping place with the relaxing fragrance mixture .

We remain true to our principles with this spray and only use 100% natural oils without chemical additives .

Joil's all-natural lavender oil has a liberating effect on our soul. It clears our thoughts and helps us switch off. It also has a mood-enhancing effect and helps against nervousness.

In the evening spray 2-3 sprays on your sleeping place and breathe in the fine scent of lavender.

Our organic pillow spray is a vegan fragrance oil in a 30ml spray bottle. It is a fragrance without synthetic fragrances and without chemicals.

Do the test yourself and increase the quality of your sleep with the JOILS pillow spray.


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