Pfefferminze - Klarer Kopf und kühle Frische

Peppermint - Clear head and cool freshness

Peppermint has been considered an excellent medicine since ancient times. Of the many types of mint that exist, Mentha piperita, "Peppermint" is the best known; the classic in aromatherapy .

Peppermint oil is considered an excellent digestive tonic . It calms the stomach and relaxes the digestive tract, helps with flatulence, nausea and vomiting, motion sickness and seasickness.

It promotes the flow of bile, stimulates the metabolism , activates the flow of lymph and thus has a decongesting effect on the connective tissue.

Scientific studies show the pain-relieving effect of peppermint oil on migraines and tension headaches. A drop applied pure already provides relief . In this case, the oil can be used undiluted.

Peppermint oil is wonderfully stimulating and refreshing for the mind . It promotes clear thinking, wakes you up and increases concentration.

It also proves to be a refreshing benefit when you're traveling with jet lag.

The scent is determined by its main ingredient menthol , which also causes the cooling effect.

After application, blood circulation is increased, followed by a brief feeling of warmth. Warmth and coolness alternate again and again, which clears your nose when you have a cold, for example.

Peppermint oil has also been used to protect against insects . As a spray , it works successfully together with lemongrass and cedar, diluted in hydrolate or spirit of wine.

These three oils - mixed in almond oil - are also often used to rub in against annoying pests .

Please do not use in children under 6 years of age or during pregnancy.

Peppermint in the medicine cabinet - quick help for the body


Put 1 drop of PEPPERMINT on a handkerchief and smell it.

digestive problems (after heavy food)

Let 1 drop of PEPPERMINT slowly melt on your tongue or dribble 1 drop into a glass of mineral water. Stir vigorously and drink in sips.


Drizzle 1 drop of PEPPERMINT directly onto the clean cut. Stops bleeding and does not burn. Apply plaster or bandage if necessary.

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