NEUE DÜFTE: Sylt, Amalfi & Schwarzwald

NEW FRAGRANCES: Sylt, Amalfi & Black Forest

We have again been inspired by local and southern regions and conjured up three new fragrances for you.

Sauna infusion and wellness mixture SYLT:

Strong like a rough coastal wind, clear like the sea and aromatic like the heath - this is how the fresh scent of Sylt surrounds you.

Sauna infusion and wellness mix AMALFI:

A warm summer evening, the scent of lemons and spicy cypresses are in the air. In addition sweet orange and tangerine - a journey of the senses on the coast of Italy.

Sauna infusion and wellness mix SCHWARZWALD :

Clear air, green meadows and the scent of spruce needles - this is how our fragrance mixture from the Black Forest welcomes you.

Let yourself be enchanted and bring the new fragrances into your home.

Here are the new products

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