SPRING - Unser neues Raumspray

SPRING - Our new room spray

With the room spray SPRING we start the new fragrance series "4 seasons".

A tangy, fresh fragrance that brings new freshness and life into our homes in spring and brings the first long rays of sunshine into the rooms.

With just a few sprays, we quickly wake up and our spirits are awakened.

JOILS room spray SPRING reminds us of the mangnolia blossom in Stuttgart's Wilhelma and the revival of nature. The scent of colorful flowers and fresh fruit.

The room spray in the 50ml size is also perfect for on the go - your natural aromatherapy always and everywhere with you.

Shake well before use. Distribute the spray in a fine mist to the place where you lack a freshness kick and enjoy your Springbreeze to go.

Discover and order SPRING here

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