Saunaaufgüsse genießen

Enjoy sauna infusions

Sauna infusions are the highlight of every sauna, and visitors usually look forward to them. This is often celebrated as an event and forms the conclusion of a sauna session.

The spout lets us switch off from everyday life and is associated with soothing scents and steam. While the rising steam guides our senses into stillness and relaxation , fragrance is a crucial element of the infusion.

We at JOILS learned to love and appreciate saunas many years ago. We love the relaxation, the quiet, the feeling of being able to breathe freely with an infusion. In many establishments, we were therefore shown the pouring agent used after the infusion, since we have always dealt with natural products. We noticed that almost exclusively artificial sauna products with chemically treated alcohol were used - not exactly healthy . Our idea was born - the production of 100% natural sauna oils.

Together with regional suppliers and partners, we have developed high-quality and natural sauna oils, which in twelve exclusive fragrance mixtures make every infusion a healthy and special experience.

Joil's sauna infusions are made in- house with the greatest care using 100% natural, high-quality essential oils and German organic alcohol. We do not use any chemical or synthetic additives. Our exclusive sauna oils are characterized by a minimum proportion of natural oils of 20% and more.

Get to know our sauna oils with our introductory sets and dream of Bali, Provence, India, the Black Forest or Tuscany.

To our sauna oils


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