Körperöl für entspannte Massagen

Body oil for relaxed massages

A body massage relaxes our muscles and is perceived as wellness for body and mind. In a pleasant, quiet atmosphere, the irritation of the skin, muscles and connective tissue also has an effect on other parts of the body. The immune system is strengthened, the digestive tract stimulated, your sleep improved and depressive moods banished.

The prerequisite for this is a good and well-tolerated massage oil to support the massaging hands.
But it's much more than just hand lubricant. It makes the skin supple , cares for it and carries the beneficial effects of the massage into deeper layers. If the oil then surrounds the massaged person with their favorite scent , every massage becomes a little aromatherapy.

Joils body oils are made in-house with the greatest care using 100% natural, essential oils and a high-quality, sweet almond kernel oil.

We do not use any chemical or synthetic additives. Our exclusive body oils are characterized by a high minimum proportion of natural oils and their positive properties on the body and the massage.
The high-quality, natural oils nourish the skin, can be massaged into the skin very well and make it soft and supple .

joils body oils massage

Our body oils are available in four different fragrances.
Also as an introductory set to test and discover.

Here directly to our body oils n

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