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JOILS on the road in Vietnam looking for new inspirations & creations

Welcome to Viet Nam

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We are traveling in Vietnam and let ourselves be carried away by this unique country. Gather new inspiration, relax with yoga, take a deep breath and leave everyday life behind...

We are always on the lookout for new fragrances and ideas for products, nature in Asia offers a lot of variety and creativity for our fragrance creations.

joils vietnam yoga

Our morning ritual includes a daily yoga class. Our fragrance blends support the deep flow of breath during yoga.

Our pure natural oils of sandalwood and grapefruit help you find your inner balance and harmonize body, mind and soul.

After the yoga we let ourselves drift, explore the country and gather new energy.

joils vietnam bridge
joils vietnam impressions
joils vietnam impressions river

The JOILS team sends you greetings from Vietnam 🌱

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