Die Kräutermischung der 4-Diebe

The herbal mixture of the 4 thieves

The herbal mixture of the 4 thieves 

The history of this oil blend dates back to the Middle Ages . 

It is said that 4 thieves in France on their raids - at the time when the plague was rampant and the robbers broke into the houses of the sick - did not catch the plague because they protected themselves with the secret oil mixture.

Her sentence against disclosure of the secret recipe was reduced in court.

Weber State University in Utah tested the mixture and confirmed its antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial effects in their studies. Thus, this oil blend is considered an excellent remedy for the cold and flu season. This is mainly due to the ingredients of the oil.

What is the 4 Thieves Oil made of?

Eucalyptus oil (origin: Australia), clove oil (origin: Zanzibar), rosemary oil (origin: Spain), lemon oil (origin: Italy) and cinnamon bark oil (origin: India) are mixed.

The combination of these 100% natural oils should result in an antibacterial, antispeptic and antiviral effect.

The recipe for the 4 Thieves Oil:

40 drops of clove oil

40 drops of lemon oil

35 drops of cinnamon bark oil

15 drops of eucalyptus oil

15 drops of rosemary oil

Here are a few usage tips:

For the room climate, the 4 Thieves Oil is perfect for the diffuser or in the fragrance lamp. Since the JOILS diffusers can also be operated in the dark, the mixture can be added to the diffuser next to the bed and ensures a good night's sleep .

If you have a cold, mix about 5 drops of 4-thief oil with a tablespoon of oil and rub it on your back or put a few drops in hot water and inhale with it. If you have a sore throat, you can add a drop to the water and gargle with it,

The 4 Thieves Oil is also suitable as a massage oil - simply mix it with sweet almond kernel oil and enjoy the mixture.

Due to the antiseptic effect, the mixture is also suitable for applying diluted to insect bites .

Please do not use the oils undiluted for external use on the body!

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